Our water-based (WB) technology is formulated to be environment friendly and free from conventional toxins. These products match solvent-based lacquers in terms of curing ability and the water-based lacquers is actually superior in terms of water resistance. Therefore, the transformation from solvent-based to water-based wood coating would be perfect.


Poly-Poxy water based wood coatings consist of fillers, stain, sealers and topcoats, available in varieties of pigmented solid colors, transparent and semi-transparent stain and clear for professional finisher. Environmental and user-friendly, water is unique and does not behave like conventional solvents (viscosity, drying time…). Patience and practice will surely help achieve the full benefit of water based wood coatings.



  • Low VOC.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Safe in workplace.
  • Better chemical resistance than nitrocellulose lacquer.
  • Good adhesion to wood and between coats.