What we do?

We offer a suite of customizable products including our recently introduced environmental friendly Water-Based (WB) lacquers and our existing range of Polyurethane (PU), Nitrocellulose (NC), Ultra-Violet (UV) and Polyester (PE) lacquers, to meet our client’s requirements. Poly-Poxy invests heavily in research and consistently strives to develop novel and high-quality products and this has made us remained competitive in the industry.

Poly-Poxy Coatings does not export or have an appointed agent to sell its products in India. All products found in India are most likely to be counterfeit products. To be certain of the authenticity of the products, please email us at contact@poly-poxy.com

Why poly - poxy?

Coating Experience

POLY-POXY COATINGS SDN BHD was established on November 1987, we are an expert in wide range of furniture coating products.


All our products are heavy metals free, compliant with international standards.

Cost saving

Our pricing seem to be higher but the coating coverage is wider, hence, we can help you save more and more cost.

Easier to use

We love nothing more than working on coatings. Whether it's NC, PU, WB or UV coating system, we always simplify everything to make finishing steps easier for customers.